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What's Registering Now?

CBA Distance Learning January 2016, June 2016
IBS&E Distance Learning January 2016, June 2016
IBS&E Working Brewers Distance learning June 2014
IBS&E Brewery In Planning Distance learning June 2014 SPOTS AVAILABLE!
Full Residential CBA/IBS&E none
Grain to Glass September 15-21st
Brewing Science for HB March 2014, September 2014
Beer Appreciation  March 15, April 5, and May 3 2014

Please stay tuned for the opening of future residential and distanced learning courses.


Greg Noonan New England Brewers Scholarship

Courses and Classes

Classic Courses

CraftBrewers Apprenticeship: The CBA program prepares candidates for positions as brewers in brewpubs and microbreweries throughout the U.S. This distance learning program combines intensive instruction with hands-on brewery experience. 28 weeks in total, including a week at our classroom brewery in Vermont,and a 5 week apprenticeship at a working brewery. click for more details

Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering: The IBS&E program coincides with the first 23 weeks of the Craftbrewers Apprenticeship Program. This distance learning course is comprised of instruction in brewing science and engineering, including the theory, science and technology of brewing processes that convert barley to beer. Does not include an apprenticeship. click for more details.

New Distance Learning Courses

Working Brewers Class: Already working as a brewer in a brewery? Have your own head brewer sponsor your training toward your diploma with this version of the IBS&E course. click for more details

Brewery in Planning Class: Opening a brewery and need help? Take this version of the IBS&E with added material for help those starting their own brewery. click for more details.

New Short classes

Grain to Glass Boots on Brewing: Are you a brewery owner or manager looking for an overview of the process? Do you work in a supporting industry and want to grasp the brewing basics? Or are you simply interested in the science of brewing? We have a 7 day short course on brewing science with hands-on training on our full sized brewing system. click for more details.

Brewing Science for the Advanced Homebrewer: Are you a home brewer looking to understand the science behind your favorite hobby? We have a two day class jam packed with information that will help you make your already great beer better. click for more details.

Beer Appreciation: Are you interested in learning more about how beer is made, beer history, beer styles, serving and presenting beer? Then this half-day class is for you! click for more details.


All classes will be held, and all CBA/IBS&E courses will be spending their final week of training, at our own facility in Middlebury, Vermont. We have our own packaging brewery, classroom and teaching laboratory allowing us to offer a unique learning experience. Follow us on Facebook and our website

About Our Brewing School

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American Brewers Guild Course instructors include

Steve Parkes owner and lead instructor with American Brewers Guild
Ron Ryan of Cargill Malt
Paul Sayler owner of American Flatbread and Zero Gravity Brewing in Burlington Vermont 
Robb Todd owner of Allagash Brewery in Portland Maine
Gary Spedding owner of Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services
Dan DelGrande owner of Bison Brewing
Matt Brynldson brewmaster at Firestone Walker Brewing
Nick Funnel brewer at Great American Restaurants in Northern Virginia
Dave Logsdon cofounder of Wyeast
Garret Oliver brewmaster with Brooklyn Brewery
Brandon Greenwood brewmaster with Mike's
Dr Ian Ward VP of Brewers Supply Group
Scott Shirley brewer with Harpoon Brewery
Jamie Shrier lab manager with Harpoon Brewing
Julie Felske former lab manager with Magic Hat Brewing
Tom Geordt with Micromatic Draft Beer School
John Mallet plant manager with Bells Brewing
Greg Noonan owner of Vermont Pub and Brewery
Terri Fahrendorf
Paul Davis
Rob Todd of Allagash Brewing
David Sohigian



Industry News :

Brewers Association Announces 2013 Craft Brewer Growth
Volume and Sales Reach Record Levels as Market Share Surpasses Seven Percent
The Brewers Association, the trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, today released 2013 data on U.S. craft brewing growth. As a primary driver of growth in the beer industry, craft brewers saw an 18 percent rise in volume, representing a total of 15.6 million barrels, and a 20 percent increase in retail dollar value. 
Full Story




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