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  American Brewers Guild
  1001 Maple Street
  Salisbury, VT 05769 
(800) 636-1331
  Fax: (802) 352-4641


Long Courses

Craft Brewers Apprenticeship Program: 28 Week Distance Learning including a week in residence and a 5 week apprenticeship Application Form

Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering: 23 Week Distance Learning including a week in residence Application Form

 Working Brewers Class: 22 Week Distance Learning with additional training at your own brewery. Application Form

Brewery in Planning: 23 Week Distance Learning including a week in residence with additional topics. Application Form

Residential Program: 5 Week On-Site Classroom including a week in residence with additional topics. CBA and IBS&E flavors offered. Application Form


  1. Complete the appropriate Application Form (see links above)
    The applications must include:

    1. Standard work resume

    2. Transcripts showing prerequisites***

    3. Summary of commercial or home brewing experience

    4. Objectives upon completion of class work

    5. $45.00 non-refundable application fee

  2. Mail, email, or fax the application (see contact information)

  3. The American Brewers Guild will review the application

  4. A formal acceptance or declination letter will be mailed to the applicant

  5. A $1,000.00 deposit is due to the American Brewers Guild to hold a spot in the selected program

Application Contacts:

Mail: American Brewers Guild Diploma Programs
1001 Maple Street, Salisbury, VT 05769


fax: (802) 352-4641

*** An application is not complete without evidence that the prerequisites have been completed. It is possible to apply prior to the completion of the prerequisites. A full description of how they will be met, prior to the start of the class being applied for, must be included. Evidence of enrollment in the necessary classes and transcripts of completion are due as soon as they are available. DO NOT SEND AN APPLICATION WITHOUT THE ABOVE INFORMATION!


Glen Hay Falconer

Greg Noonan

Shorter Classes

Grain to Glass Boots on Brewing: 7 Day Residential Class Application Form

Brewing Science for the Advanced Homebrewer: Weekend Course Application Form