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Employment Services


The American Brewers Guild is the nation's premier resource for matching trained, experienced, and qualified brewers with brewpubs and microbreweries throughout the world.

Employment Services -- Breweries/Brewpubs

If you are looking for a trained, experienced, and qualified brewer, please contact us. We will:

  • Send you a resume book (a compilation of our most recent graduates),

  • Post your job opening/s on our proprietary site on the web. This site is accessed by all Guild alumni and is updated frequently.

We can be reached by dialing (800) 636-1331 or by e-mailing us now. Please include all pertinent details: job title, summary of responsibilities, location, start date, salary, contact person, and phone number.

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Employment Services -- Alumni

The Guild acts as a clearinghouse for employers seeking qualified brewers and brewing personnel. We are constantly receiving word of job opportunities in breweries around the country, and as a graduate you would be able to access our proprietary list of these jobs on our web site. You need only type in your Guild login ID and password to access this page. 

If you are a graduate and need the login information, please call the Guild at (800)636-1331 or e-mail us now. Click on the Job Hotline link above to be connected to our alumni website. 

The Guild offers the most extensive and sophisticated placement service available from any domestic brewing school. These services include:

Access to the Guild’s proprietary "Brewing Positions" page on the Guild’s website. This unique service offered by the Guild matches positions in the craft brewing industry with ABG Alumni. The Guild offers a free service to breweries (they call, fax or email their openings to the Guild) and we post them the same day and make these positions available to our alumni. The password for this unique site is changed three times a year and is available exclusively to Guild graduates. The Guild generally has 3-5 currently available positions posted on the web-site. We invite you to talk with Guild Alumni about this extremely valuable service. Breweries are searching for educated and experienced brewers and increasingly they are finding them through the Guild’s "Brewing Positions" page on the website. ( or

  • Diploma Course Resume Books

At the end of each Guild Diploma Course a set of graduate resumes are prepared and mailed to all interested existing breweries who are searching for a brewer or expanding their operations and many are sent to individuals starting new brewing ventures. 

  • Constant contact with the industry

The Guild remains in constant touch with breweries in the industry through an annual phone campaign and an ongoing mailing campaign. Because of our extensive and constant contact with the industry, we are used as a hiring resource when breweries are looking to hire new brewers.

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