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Keith Meinert, ABG Grad with all his class materialsTaken over the Internet, these courses are designed for working or would-be brewers who can't get away! Through an interaction of web site, text books, brewer-instructors on videos, at home lab experiments, one week onsite at a working brewpub, and, for the CBA participants, a five-week apprenticeship at a brewery, students learn advanced brewing concepts and acquire skills geared toward working in a commercial brewery or brewpub. The website includes lecture notes, audio from the instructors, message boards, interactive chat, resources, student information, and exams and self-quizzes. The class proceeds on a weekly basis, with breaks on exam weeks.

The Guild offers two programs, Craftbrewer's Apprenticeship (CBA) and the Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering. They follow identical courses of study for the first 22 weeks, then the CBA continues with a five-week apprenticeship. Follow the links in blue below for more information.